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           Kali's January 30th, 2015 Litter








Kali had three very nice puppies in her latest litter.  They were eating great and, having weighed 6-8 ounces at birth, now weigh over 40 ounce each at three weeks.  She had 2 boys and one girl, all white, although we think one boy will have a spec of black on his right ear.  Their birth names are Brock (yellow collar), Bolt (blue collar) and KoKo (pink collar).   All puppies are placed for this litter -  KoKo joined our "Staff!"


Some of their past and present pictures are below:


Opps!  Someone needs a new bed.

Bolt a.k.a. Henry

Brock a.k.a. Patton

Click on the bone if you are interested in a puppy from my next litter or have questions about the breed ....

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