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​​​​History in Pictures​

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We want to thank everyone for all the interest in KoKo's and Frankie's past litters and all new litters with our kennel will be with River, a Bronze  AKC Champion.

"We are also happy to announce that River's latest litter of 6 puppies, 3 girls and 3 boys were born on January 22, 2024.  We are very happy to say that all of her puppies have found great new homes and that we have kept a male for our kennel named Denali.  We will be posting pictures of him as he participates in a variety AKC events."


GCHB CH Minnehaha's Come Hellion or High 

                          Water TT CGC TKN

Kali is  our foundation bitch who started Minnehaha Mini's has retired after three litters, but she will certainly be overseeing all new activity.  Our second generation of puppies began with her daughters Frankie and KoKo and they have both now retired.  


Our third generation of puppies is turned over to River (picture at the left) who has just become our first AKC Bronze Level Grand Champion by being awarded Best Opposite Sex by Judge John C. Ramirez, for a 5 point major at the West Volusia Kennel Club Show in Deland, FL . September 2021.

River is just 2 years and 7 months old and is exceptionally friendly, smart and very playful.  She and her mom, KoKo, would play all day with their  Kong Jumbler Disc Toy if we would let them.  River was sired by Ronin (please see picture below).


And here is the family, Frankie, KoKo and mom Kali.

And ...  we have two new Champions ---

Tonka on the left and River on the right!

Tonka 2 Champion.jpg

Tonka received his Championship at the Greenville South Carolina Show, which was sponsored by the Piedmont Kennel Club.

River received her championship, earlier in 2020, and received "Best of Breed" at the show sponsored by the  Kennesaw Kennel Club Show  in Perry Georgia.

Both Tonka and River have now received their "Grand Championships in 2020!


Above Are The Proud Owners Carol Stringfellow and Marty Lindner at the 2020 Ocala Florida Dog Show.

And ...... Here She Is "POPPI

Also one of Our Latest Champions!  Opps!  Poppi (on the right) is now a newly awarded  AKC Grand Champion with the really proud owners Carol and Marty.

Poppi Grand Champion.jpg

                  Frankie                                                   Ronin

             Frankie and Ronin are the parents of Poppi.

Poppi and Caruso 2_edited_edited.jpg
Poppi and Caruso_edited.jpg


Pictured to the far left are Poppi and brother Caruso as puppies. To the immediate left are the happy owners Page and Carol.

Tater Champion Picture_edited.jpg


Is one of Kalis' latest Champions!


Tater won


Both days at the Deland, Florida   Dog Show

Tator Champion Picture 2.jpg

Owned By Jane and Steve Peterson, co-owned by Peggy Kokaisel. 

Some one in the crowd whispered - "This was the best TATER TOT they've ever had!"   As you can see, happy dog and very happy owners.  Thank you Jane and Steve.

Here he is - Minnehaha's Sweet Potato

Besides Champions KoKo, Tator Tot and Poppi,  our other Grand Champions Fergie and River and

                                Champion Henry are shown on this page at the bottom of the page.

In the Beginning ....

Shortly after my husband, Gary and I got together we had a conversation about getting a puppy “for the kids”.  My Father was a Veterinarian, and having grown up with labs, I just assumed the puppy we were talking about would be a lab. One morning my husband said he had a puppy he wanted to go see, so we jumped into the car and headed out.  We had almost reached our destination, which was approximately 2 hours away when my husband mentioned “bull terrier”.  I looked at him in disbelief and said, “I thought we were going to look at labs”!  He shook his head, “No” and said he had been a fan of bull terriers since he first saw “Willie”, George Patton’s dog.  Immediately I said let’s call Dad – he will tell you how bull terriers aren’t good with kids, are aggressive and don’t make a good family pet.  So we searched for a phone booth – no cell phones in those days – and called Dad.  When he answered I said let me put Gary on the phone so you can tell him about bull terriers, and my Dad proceeded to tell him how great they were with kids, how protective they can be to their loved ones and what wonderful family pets they make.  The only warning he gave us was that they are strong-willed and we would have to be just as strong-willed in training them. So the adventure begins ...........


Our adventure began in 1988 with our first standard bull terrier – Suds.  Suds was a red and white bitch and, realizing very quickly our love of the breed and of Suds, we determined she required a friend.  Then came Mugs in 1989. He was a male black brindle and white.  The two were great together and we had them for almost 14 years.  We acquired Shiner in 2002, a white bitch.  Her name came from a brand of beer called “Shiner Bock” and the fact that she had the very popular black eye.  As you can see with Suds, Mugs and Shiner, Gary’s love of beer was only surpassed by the love of our dogs. 

Again we wanted a friend for Shiner and another family member for us.  In 2006 we flew to Ohio to pick up Tusker, a male, our first mini.  He was a tri-color, black, tan (almost yellow) and white.  His name came from a brand of beer brewed in Kenya, Africa.  We were on a fly fishing/photo safari in Tanzania and Zambia, when we had a late afternoon beer – a Tusker (obviously - an elephant on the label).  One of the couples we were with said, “Boy what a great name for a dog!”  So, when searching for a name Gary realized that the Tusker Brewery colors were black, yellow and white.  After that his name was a given.  He was a tough little guy (but very lovable) and lived up to his name.


At this point we were deeply into mini’s and that brings us to Kali.  Kali is a white bitch, has black ears, a perfect scissors bite  and is extremely lovable.  Just a sweet dog!  Her name was my pick (this time) and comes from an Indian name for “one with black ears.”  Ooopps!  Not a theme name.  Well Gary researched the name Kali further under breweries.  He found, at one time, a Portland brewery named a new wheat ale “Kali-Ma.”   So now he is completely comfortable with Kali as the theme continues.  I think maybe with the next new pups we will try wines ... Merlot, Cabby, Malbeki, Syrah, Barbarossa, Franc, Abrusco - oh ya this is good!  Can you think of some?




River's pictures are shown below:

River Best Of Breed 2.jpg
River Flying_edited.jpg

This is River Jumping For Joy On All Her Pups Finding Great New Homes.

Denali 1_edited.png

Here is the latest addition to our Kennel.

His name is Denali AKA Denny.  He is the first male we have kept and we are really excited about his AKC Conformation potential.  We will continue to keep you up to date on all his showings.

Boys being boys!  Spec and Mirror from 6.24.14 Litter

miniature bull terrers, miniature bull terriers for sale

Frankie and mom Kali hanging out.


Baby Kali and Friend "Rosco"
miniature bull terrers, miniature bull terriers for sale
miniature bull terrers, miniature bull terriers for sale

Kali's whelping box design was from - The McEmn Mark III, now taken over by KoKo.

  • Crufts, UK - Info - 3/7 - 10/2024
  • AKC National Championships Dog Show 2023, Royal Canin - Spectators Welcome.

Minnehaha Minis raises their puppies with the Puppy Culture Program and have had absolutely great results.  We recommend continuing the program to all our new puppy owners.  For more information please visit the link below:

Jane Killion Puppy Culture.jpg
miniature bull terrier kennel

Okay - is Kali a patch on her new quilt? 

One Of A Kind - Hand made Bully Quilt from MBTCA.

"Bully Quilt" is a beautiful hand made quilt by Sally Ross Kilkenny and donated to MBTCA for a fund raising raffle.  All the patches are from past MBTCA Tee shirts.  Well done Sally!

Our Latest Grand Champion "RIVER"!


Great News!

Our Grand Champions - Fergie and Poppi


Minnehaha's Little Hellion She's A Pop Star

Poppi at the Ocala, Florida Show just after receiving her win that led to her AKC Grand Championship.

Minnehaha's Fergalicious Boom Boom Pow

Grand Champion at 22 months old,  Anita Herman - owner handler, co-owned by Peggy and Gary Kokaisel - breeders.  She is also rated as 5th in the country in Owner Handler.

Henry (L) and Fergie (R) strike a pose!

They are KoKo's full brother and sister (Fergie from another litter) each at 14 weeks and Minnehaha Mini's 2nd and 3rd AKC Champions.  Thank you owners Janice Pauly (Henry) and Anita Herman (Fergie).


Tonka,  owned by Anita Herman and co-owned by Peggy Kokaisel, with a few of his latest ribbons - a  happy Grand Champion.

miniature bull terrers, miniature bull terriers for sale

Member of Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America

 Member of American Kennel Club - AKC

miniature bull terrers, miniature bull terriers for sale
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